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Letters From Dreamland

john coltrane

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

I took off my seatbelt a few miles ago;
Hit cruise control on the interstate,
I'm doing 70 in stereo.
Hated to leave so soon, but I gotta go...

It's starting to rain,
And John Coltrane just came on my radio.

Damn,that man could play like a northern wind.
Maybe soon I'll find a stage, and feel that way again;
But I'm just counting blue cars until then...

It's starting to rain,
And John Coltrane just came on my radio.

If I start to cry, just know I'm happier than I, lord, I've ever been;
Cause there's a long, lonesome highway and it's been my truest friend.
I've always known one of these days I'd go down...

Don't get me wrong, I'm a better man
Since I lost myself in a line on a mirror in a bathroom, man, goddamn.
But now I know that I'm the only savior of my sins;
Cause it's starting to rain,
And my cheeks are stained
With all the same old bullshit, misery, and pain...

And I know I'm to blame, oh and it's a lowdown dirty shame,
Cause John Coltrane is on my radio again.

Coltrane was and still is my favorite sax player, and his music came to me at a moment I most needed it, that morning in my van, so I went home and wrote about him and my highway. Oddly enough, it never occurred to me to find a saxophone player to play a track on this one.

This song is about the light at the end of a very dark and scary tunnel, and the relief you feel when you finally see it.

#2 Best Mood in Country

#13 Best Melody in Country

Nathan Davis