one thousand miles

One Thousand Miles cover

We're going through some remaining recordings and preparing them for release. We got one all ready and then decided that it looked sort of lonely, an orphan without a home, a recording with no album. It needed a place to belong.

So, we made a new album for the orphans. Some of these recordings are one of a kind. Some of them are bootlegs. Some are of relatively poor quality. All will be included because we think you'd like us to do that even if the quality isn't the best. In some cases, we don't have any other recording of a particular song and just want the song itself preserved. Maybe someone will cover it and record a better version.

And maybe some of you were there when these performances occurred, and this will be appreciated simply because of its nostalgia.

Because some fans may already have copies of songs on this album, here's little sample:

One Thousand Miles (whole album) $3.25
When We Die $0.99
Peanuts in the Crossroads $0.99
So It Goes $0.99
One Thousand Miles $0.99

More downloads here.

One Thousand Miles

the great live giveaway

Not too long before Nathan died, he had ordered a large number of copies of the LIVE album. Some of those are still residing in our house. That is not a good place for them. The best place for them is in somebody's CD player. In the ensuing years, we have seen a shift in how people buy and store music. For every physical CD that someone buys, there are quite a number of digital sales. This is total reverse of the situation in 2006.

Unsure about what to do about this, Dave and I had a little chat about it. And what kept surfacing was the question: "What would Nathan want us to do about this?"

The answer was pretty obvious.

"Mom, Dad, give them away," he would say.

So we are.

The Great Live Giveaway

This offer will last until we have our inventory down to something more manageable. And of course, when they're gone, they're gone. All the music will be going digital.

In addition, for a short time, we're putting the two DVDs, Bittersweet Volume I and Volume II, on super, super sale as well. If you've wanted a copy or you want to give a copy as a gift, now is the time.

Obviously, these CDs are not for resale. We won't know if you do, but Nathan would not like that. At all.

The "price" listed here for the CDs is simply shipping, with the cost of the box factored in as well. Paypal wouldn't give me a "zero" price with only shipping option, so I had to list the shipping cost as the price.

The DVD sale price is $6.00. We are adding as many CDs as we could to the mailer. They are free. Shipping was the same ($3), with or without them, and will be added.

LIVE CDs, box of 12 $4.50
LIVE CDs, box of 6 $3.50
2 DVDs, 1 LIVE CD $12
1 DVD, 2 LIVE CDs $6.00

nathan davis still lives

Nathan Davis Still Lives poster

Nathan Davis Still Lives, the film about Nathan's life and career by DEANO Pictures, has won three awards at film festivals and been nominated for two others.

Nathan Davis