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The Nathan Davis song Revolution Lane was a finalist in the Rock/Alternative category for the very prestigious 2005 USA Songwriting Competition.

The USA Songwriting CompetitionĀ® is the world's leading international songwriting event that honors songwriters, composers, bands, recording artists everywhere. Winners are selected by a Blue Ribbon committee of music industry judges including record label publishers, producers from Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner, etc.


"The re-emergence of melody, songwriting and performance, in the age of blathering hip-hop thugs and gyrating pre-pubescent video whores, is most desperately welcome. Nathan Davis returns us to a time when purported musicians actually played and wrote music instead of sampling the abilities of others and claiming it as one's own. This is a man who writes and performs his own singular musical vision. He can claim a perspective few have seen and he can present its case with a talent and a passion only few are capable of. This is a survivor telling his tale in Technicolor terms. This is a rare meeting of experience and art."

John Custer, producer


"Take all the anger, addiction, despair, revelation, love and redemption that can possibly be packed into the human heart over a lifetime, pour it into gospel piano and raw guitar, lead it with a vocal that can growl, rasp, plead, and roar, and this is the result.".

Jennifer Layton, from


"I hadn't heard of Nathan Davis until I caught the tail-end of his performance by chance at the local Border's Books. I go there for the books, and I find the live music pleasant, but I was completely blown away by Nathan and his band mates' accompaniment. I bought his CD and am even more impressed."

David Richard, Internet


"Every once in a while you run into a guitar player who plays from the heart. Who feels it like it's supposed to be felt and lays it down like it's supposed to be laid down. Nathan Davis has got it."

Dizzy Reed, Guns and Roses


"From the time they took the stage, I asked myself the same question the reviewer asked, "What the hell are they doing here?" The musicianship of all the band members as well as the songwriting of Davis is (using a cliche') awe-inspiring. My jaw never left the floor. There were people dancing and really feeling the mood that night, but I couldn't do anything except watch and listen more intently than I ever have to music in the past. Nathan Davis is a songsmith in the truest, most classical sense of the the word. I could easily place in the same breath as Springsteen, Petty, and Joel."

Anonymous, Internet


"Nathan Davis is somewhat of an enigma. He plays the acoustic guitar with the fire and energy of a rock god, but without the mind-numbing decibel levels. His CD, "Out of My Skin," is an excellent acoustic driven rock, with Nathan's gravelly voice commanding your attention throughout the opening track, "Face in the Crowd."


A friend I met on RMC, Nathan Davis, has been working with you on a live disc which just came out. How is it working with him?

It's like hanging out with a velociraptor that happens to write really great songs. velociraptor Nathan is a rare amalgam. He's an ex-skull-cracking-drug-crazed berserker, but his music has an informed emotional impact that is undeniably crushing. In an age where you see a lot of suburban pussies masquerading as gangsters, Nathan has actually done the whole death, drugs and destruction thing.

So we have a mutual understanding of the true nature of darkness. He understands it in a raw, street, there-is-no-god sort of way. And I understand it in a Moonlight Sonata-Seasons In The Abyss-Hank Williams sort of way. So I think we work well together because he's coming from a place that is acutely "rea,l" if that makes sense. I know we live an age where "reality" means nothing.

Anyway, Nathan and I have had a ball working on the LIVE CD. A studio disc with some full band live material is about seventy-five percent done.

John Custer From Interview published June 10, 2005 on


"The first time I discovered Nathan Davis, I was browsing through many different artists on, just looking for that special something. Perhaps an artist that blew me out of the water... Not to take away from any of the other artists, but, Nathan is a very unique talent. From the first song, "Face in the crowd," as I listened to him roar like nothing I've heard in a very long time, I was instantly hooked. I bought the album. Very creative in the making of an album that stays with you long after you hear it. I also ended up buying his "Live" album from his web site. I wasn't prepared for the ton of bricks that hit me when I listened to it. Hearing Nathan's incredible range, raw and uncut, was a once in a lifetime experience I get to have over and over. It's THE best live album I've ever heard. His lyrics touch you. His voice captivates you. Nathan has one of those very rare talents where he makes you shut up and listen, all-the-while singing along. He has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Nathan pours his heart and soul out on a piece of paper, then tells you about it..."

Jonathon Brannon, San Bernadino, California


My boyfriend, Chris Johnson played with Nate now and then. Chris plays keyboards and sings, and ever since we met he boasted about Nate's abilities. I was like, "yeah yeah," because how many singer-songwriters blow you off of your barstool anymore? Then one day while we were driving in Chris' car listening to a mixtape, I wondered why I hadn't heard this particular Springsteen track that brought me to my knees. I have all of his albums. What gives? Chris said, "That's not Bruce Springsteen, that's Nathan Davis." And of course it was, but it was better than Springsteen and I told Chris that, to which he responded, "Oh, you gotta tell Nate that; he'll love it." So, a few weeks later I finally got to tell him that which inspired a hug out of him that I can still feel around my shoulders. That was two months before he died. I still can't believe the world was robbed of his blooming genius.

Thank God for mixtapes.

Lynn Bryan, Raleigh, NC


"I am totally captivated by a musician who weaves their heart and soul into their music and who pours their guts into their performance. Or is it the other way around? I am all about 'give me something I can feel,' and Nathan delivers on all counts."

Joanna Willard,, 2005


I was introduced to Nathan's music by a friend that knew him. As a musician myself, I am normally very skeptical when someone hands me a CD and says "Check this out"...

I couldn't have been more wrong. I have listened to Nathan damn near exclusively for, I dunno, the past 4 months, and as I lose myself in his soul, I find myself wanting more ... and more ...

Amazing... simply amazing.

Dave, via the internet


While I never got to hear Nate live, I have fallen in love with his music. The music has that rare something that binds to your heart and mind and changes you forever. As you might already know, I work with some very talented young musicians who are finding their voice and charting their own path in music. There are a few who have a gift for writing that I am introducing to Nathan Davis' songs.

Bill Boyrer


I just discovered Nathan Davis (through Matt Mcguire's MySpace). If Pink Floyd's song "Wishing You Were Here" ever meant anything...Well, keep the dream alive...

I wish that I had had the chance to see him perform. His lyrics are so deep and personal, more than any other artist I have followed. One can only imagine how much he is missed.

Bill Edwards, Kill Devil Hills, NC


And from Nathan himself:

Burning a page, and smoking a cigarette
Heave a big sigh like I fucking care
I need the space, and you need to spread your wings
Like a vacation without the air fare.

People look at me and they see my past. As a result, I tend to walk the road I'm expected to walk. The things that others inadvertantly weigh down my reputation with aren't necessarily the things I focus my eyes on, just the things I wish I'd be, the stye in the eye of the beholder, if you will. It would make sense for me to attempt to adapt, blend in more with what's around me, become what I'm not, but that isn't what I do. I do everything I can to betray that perception. Every day I wake from sleep and do what's not expected, say what's not...(unfinished)

Nathan Davis (found on his computer desktop)