Nathan Davis


A young boy is brought up in a small town in North Carolina, the only child in a strict fundamentalist Christian family. He attends private Christian schools nearly all his life. Showing early musical ability, he is trained as a classical pianist, teaching himself to play the guitar as a teenager.

Nathan playing guitar

Taking his first tentative steps away from the world where he was reared, he begins to write songs: songs that chronicle his journey; poetry that expresses the turmoil in his innermost being.

Leaving the small town behind, he begins to travel around the country, playing as he goes. While doing so, he continues to write, telling the story of anger, pain, frustration, and the search for meaning in drugs, alcohol and the darker side of life.

He begins to find answers: in love, in friendship, in critical success, in simply coming of age.

And then, suddenly and unexpectedly, just as his genius is becoming apparent, we lose him.

you don't have to imagine. you can listen...

Nathan Davis