Documentary Film:

Nathan Davis Still Lives

With his trademark fedora hat, crazy stories of how he learned the blues, and his amazing awe-inspiring live performances, Nathan Davis was a musical sensation waiting to happen. Director Dean Garris' fascinating and ultimately touching portrait, Nathan Davis Still Lives, traces Nathan's story from his troubled years of self discovery to his ultimate rise as a singer songwriter on the cusp of greatness.

After releasing four records independently and gaining a small but loyal fan-base across the Southeast, Davis was in the studio recording his next album with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer when tragedy struck. Years later, Nathan's music refuses to die and his legacy continues to grow through the musicians he inspired.

An astonishing archive of video, performance footage and photos complements interviews with Nathan's parents Dave and Sally Davis, producer John Custer, music writer Jennifer Layton, along with fellow musicians, friends, colleagues and fans to reveal someone who was not inspired to play music, but driven to play as a way to save himself.

DEANO Pictures in association with Faithless Music

Note: DEANO Pictures anticipates that the documentary will be released after the film has been submitted to various film festivals around the country, probably sometime in 2011.

The film, Nathan Davis Still Lives, has its own web site. In addition, if you'd like to see more of Dean's work, go here.

Nathan Davis