You have no idea how far your reach goes, Nate. What an honor to know, share a stage, a smile, and a conversation with you. Your memory lives in your songs. Thank you for sharing your heart with the world.

Nate with Jessica

I know it's Still Rock and Roll, and I will always be a Fool Like Me driving down Revolution Lane and if I say Hello, how have you been, you're gonna say we are all Flatliners and ain't it Bittersweet that The Devil Knows? And So It Goes, my friend that John Coltrane is on my radio again! I love you, Nathan. I will be singing harmony with you from here.
Jessica( and you could never say my last name right) Mashburn

Nathan was very special to me. You musicians know how it is ... when you get an opportunity to play along side with a great songwriter it really becomes a part of you. I freakin charted all of his songs man! When I heard the news I sat down and played Still Rock-n-Roll last night with a huge lump in my throat.

I met Nathan many years ago when he was still playing Dugan's Pub, and hosting open mic night there as well. I remember he would take his breaks between sets only because he broke a string, then he would play a song on the piano, then take a break. He wrote most of Wasted in my apartment.

Nathan Davis