chinese food

composed and arranged by Nathan Davis, John Henry Trinko and Austin Alexander

This totally instrumental number is the result of three very talented musicians jamming during rehearsal. The music is strictly jam band material, with a give-and-take, back-and-forth kind of Dueling Banjos feel at times between the keyboard and the guitars.

When they realized they had a really good song, and decided to go with it, they then had to name it. Since they were eating take-out food at the time, the name was sitting on the table right in front of them.

This song extends into I Know You Rider, and then returns at the end of that song. Alibi was a venture into jam band material for Nathan, Austin, and John Henry. These two songs are best heard together as one unit.



$0.99, individual song

Personal story: first time I played with Nathan was at one of those infamous open mic nites at The Berkley Cafe. I got up on the drums to join a group of randomly selected musicians and wound up playing this killer uptempo blues jam.

From the drum riser, I look down to the left of me and there was Nathan. Now, I always knew him to be this great singer/guitar player, but this guy was SMOKIN' the piano playing this boogie woogie. I mean, it really floored me. I started smiling ear to ear and kept watching him. He just looked at me, smiled coyly and we went right back into the moment.

We had a few beers afterwards at the bar, and we spoke about music and how much it meant to us. I knew then this guy was the real deal, and I'm glad I've got that night to remember him by.