the devil knows

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

Every bit of livin' I've been doin's been killin' me,
I took the wrong damn road again
And got nothin' but some busted teeth.
These are things I know because the devil tells me so,
And the devil knows,
And the devil knows.

There's a woman in a town somewhere that I used to know,
Some say she was never the same after I let her go.
These are things I know because some people told me so,
And some people know,
And some people know.

Funny how she told me I was gonna die lonely;
Should've made a man of me.
Everything I learned to love I just forgot one day.
I saw the devil in the mirror this morning
And I ain't afraid to say he made me cry.
Love comes and goes,
And the devil knows

So the living I've been doing isn't all it's made out to be;
There's a spirit moving somewhere that wants to get a piece of me.
These are things I know sure as heaven's gates are closed;
The wind always blows,
And the devil knows.

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This was the last song Nathan wrote, and he believed it was his finest.