face in the crowd

lyrics and music by Nathan Davis

Sittin' on the corner, wasting time,
One step ahead, two steps behind.
No place to be, no one to see,
No time to care about anyone but me.

She told me she was leaving yesterday;
But I don't think it matters anyway.
I almost wrote a song for her,
But I can't think of anything good to say.

Feelin' good, I knew I would;
Have you packed your bags?
I think you should.
I hear the highway calling me;
That yellow line is all I wanna see.

I still remember everything so clear,
And I still hear the music in my ears,
Everyone's so far away,
And solitude becomes my biggest fear.

How's it feel to be just another face in the crowd?

Out of My Skin


$0.99, individual song



$0.99, individual song

I saw that determination a lot. In particular was on Face In The Crowd. Nathan wanted to double the vocals, which is all fine and good. However he wanted them to be near perfect. So, I think we did something like 60+ takes of one phrase which he was never satisfied with. He had already nailed the rest of the double take; just that one phrase over and over again. Keep in mind this was one of the yelling parts at the beginning. This was going on until like 2 in the morning.

My mom the next day was like "I don't know if I like that song as much as his others." I laughed and told her to wait till it was done, and of course now she loves it.

But yeah that night I thought I was going to shoot myself hearing him screaming one line over and over.

grant walker, co-producer, out of my skin